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Posted: Apr 23rd @ 01:14
Posted: Apr 23rd @ 01:09
Before I headed to work I made myself a spinach/honeydew/melon/pineapple/papaya smoothie with water and lemme tell ya, I feel great. I’m not super tired from working all day and I’m looking forward to hitting the books for a while before a good nights rest.

Drink up, yo.
Posted: Apr 22nd @ 20:05


when lil b says “i’m a short nigga with a tall-ass bitch”, it touches me on an emotional level

me too, brandon

me too

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Posted: Apr 22nd @ 19:24

I’m deciding to fight back the system

Posted: Apr 22nd @ 19:23
How many no money boys are crazy, how many boyz are raw, how many no money boyz are rowdy, how many start a war #kala

I’d forgotten how good Calle 13 is. A lot of people aren’t really able to sit down and listen to them because their lyrics are raunchy yet so intriguing, but they speak the truthhhh, man.

Currently listening to ‘Aguante’. Going to look for ‘No Hay Nadie Como Tu’ *fav

Posted: Apr 22nd @ 01:37